Bike rental, Holidays, Workshop, Shop & Café in heart of Pyrenees

Bike rental, Holidays, Workshop, Shop & Café in heart of Pyrenees

Bike rental, Holidays, Workshop, Shop & Café in heart of Pyrenees

Bike rental, Holidays, Workshop, Shop & Café in heart of Pyrenees

High-end Road bikes, Mountain bikes & Electric bikes rental

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Bike Shop & Café

The gathering place for cyclists…

Our shop has a choice of bikes and cycling products from brand names carefully chosen. You will find something to add to your equipment stock or to get you out of a jam… With its café, Bike & Py is above all a concept, a place dedicated to biking in all its forms. A true biking hub in the Pyrenees, you can come right in to have a coffee or enjoy a cold beer after a hard day’s ride or simply watch in live the top events in the world of cycling.



Cycling Tours

Road cycling and mountain bike tours… 

Bike & Py tours and training camps are a finished product provided by a local team of bike enthusiasts. Possessing a solid know-how in event management, some of the team already have several years of competition experience under their belts. Our goal is to provide you a top cycling experience with the best customized service and all the logistics so that you can take a maximum of pleasure while thinking about nothing, except to ride your bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Our cycling trips

Day Trips & Lessons

Day Trips & Lessons

Private lessons and guiding…

For half a day, a day (or more) we offer private lessons as well as downhill, enduro and electric mountain biking guided day trips.

During the lessons, your guide will give you the best technical advice to make you enjoy and progress quickly on the bike (safety rules, positioning on the bike, fundamentals, braking, overcoming obstacles etc…).

During guided day trips, you will go riding with one of our guide who will show you the most beautiful tracks of the Pyrenees. An unforgettable formula 100% pleasure! 

Discover Pyrenees

Our selection of the best routes in the Pyrenees…

Whether on road or mountain bike, the Pyrenees represent a massive riding terrain. Our goal is to share this territory with you. A truly spectacular landscape composed of stunning and untouched nature as the backdrop, biking in the Pyrenees can prove to be an unparalleled riding experience. What’s more, while riding you will discover the essence of alpine life, traverse local villages with remarkable charm, and taste authentic southwestern French cuisine.
Discover our selection of the best routes and trails in the Pyrenees.

Where to Ride

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